Conquest is my bachelor project and was developed by a team of three people in just as many months. It is a digital collectable card game which has of now 60 designed cards, 2 playable factions including themed board sides, mana wells, card backs, GUI elements and fortresses. As of now it requires a LAN connection but is designed to be played competitively via the internet. We strongly focused on the tactical aspect of CCG’s and target genre veterans. At the beginning of the game each player has to build a deck first, in this prototype however, a dwarven – insectoid mixed deck will be provided. The Insectoids are based on early-game rush down mechanics and the dwarves a centered around a highly defensive mid-game with a strong late-game transition .  Each player builds 2 mana wells in his base at the start of the match, which are indestructible, providing a base mana generation of two mana/turn. For each mana well the Player will draw two cards from the corresponding decks (e.g. the player built a dwarven and an insectoid mana well. He will draw two cards from the dwarven and two cards form the insectoid deck pile.). Any of the four cards can be switched for another card from the corresponding deck once. These cards form the starting hand of each player. During ones turn a the player can decide to pay one mana for one card draw. The color of mana payed determine the deck from witch the new card is drawn. This can be repeated until the mana pool of the active player is depleted. The player may summon as many creatures to the locations adjacent to his fortress as he can afford or until the three creature spots of every adjacent location inhabits a creature. Creatures can be moved once per turn as far as they can reach. If a creature comes to occupy a location inhabiting a mana spring, the player may choose to build a mana well on this location, raising his/her mana generation by +1 for the mana color the chosen mana well will provide. As long as a friendly creature is located at the mana wells location, the mana well is protected and cannot be destroyed. However if an opponent manages to destroy said creature or said creature moves to a different location, leaving the mana well unprotected, the mana well may be destroyed by an opposing creature, entering this location and having at least one action left of the three action each creature has during its turn.

Every creature can be of four classes, Caster, Defender, Combatant or none. The Classes provide the use of action cards the player built into his/her deck. A Caster may use Spells, a Defender makes use of Stances and a Combatants action card class is named Orders. Is a creature of no class it may not use any of these cards. Action cards have a set mana cost and using pattern in which the effect occurs. Using action cards takes up one of the three actions each creature has during its turn. A creature can use three of the following actions: Move, Attack, Built, Swipe(clearing a location of an opponents mana well(s)) and use action card.  The goal is to fight your way across the board  and deplete the opponents fortress’s health from 20 to 0. This is a rough outline of how the game plays.









Texture by Ruth Bosch




Texture by Ruth Bosch


 Surroundings textures by me







The Team


Jackson Wood …………………………………………………………….. Programmer

Markus Stupp …………………………… Game Design, 3D Artist, Texturing support

Ruth Bosch ………………………………………. Illustration, Texturing, 2D Graphics